Bachata is a kind of dance and music which is originally from the Dominican Republic. Videos and Charts on this site show the romantic character of this style.


The first word for Bachata was “Amargue” which means bitterness and bitter music. Later on it has been called Bachata which is more neutral. Besides Salsa and Merengue, Bachata is often danced in Salsa Clubs to relax a little bit. Don’t mix it up with ChaChaCha which also has a Latin dance version but which is often danced very formally in a ballroom dance style.

Bachata music

Bachata is based on guitar music with a little bit Bolero. It is coming from the Dominican Republic. In the 1990ies it changed from an acustical guitar to an electric guitar with steelstrings. The new electric Bachata has become an international phenomenon and today Bachata is as popular as Salsa and Merengue. Here you can find the Bachata Charts.

The most famous Bachata Star is Aventura:

From: 999lots9

The typical Bachata band consists of five instruments:
Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, electric bass guitar, bongo, and guira. Most of the time Bachata bands are playing a develloped bolero. If they play a Merengue based Bachata, they change from Bongo to Tambora drums. When they changed from Maracas to Guira in the 1980ies, Bachata has been danced more often.

Bachata Dance

Bachata is a very sensible dance and is danced very tight. There are also some figures which are not necessarily danced tight. Bachata is easy to learn because most of the Bachateros are not dancing so many different figures. Beginners can learn it very fast.

Here you can see a tight danced Bachata:

From: tasb1998

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